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Lead Web Visitors to Your Local Body Of Christ

Covert Your Website Visitors Into First-Time Church Visitors

80% of people coming to your church website won’t return for a second visit, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not interested in coming to your church. Out of this 80%, 67% are checking out your service times and where you are located. They are interested! Your website just needs to establish a connection with them.

We can equip your church website with the tool to capture your websites visitor's basic contact information on their very first visit and stay connected with them leading them to a first-time visit at your church.

WebToChurch captures your visitor's basic contact information by offering something in exchange for their information, an incentive - a gift for attending your church for the first time. With WebToChurch - you'll provided the incentive and we'll do the connecting. On your church website, your visitors will fill out our customizable gift voucher form. WebToChurch will deliver your configured gift voucher email into your visitor's inbox and continue to engage this connection with strategic scheduled communications until they redeem their gift voucher at your church's visitor center.

Works With You Current Visitor Strategy

WebToChurch not only works with your current visitor strategy it expands its reach and impact. Most first-time visitors slip in and out of our churches without being noticing. WebToChurch will correct this by leading your website visitors directly to your visitor center to redeem their gift vouchers.

With this approach the staff in your visitor center will have the opportunity to meet with visitors before your service begins. This will give your guest staff more time and opportunity to be the best hosts possible, engage in meaningful conversation, address specific ministry needs, and help visitors to feel welcomed and at home.

Fast and Easy Implementation

We put a lot of time into making the setup and configuration as fast and easy as possible. We think we hit the mark! Configuring the Gift Voucher email consist of uploading your church logo, entering your church service times and contact information. The customizable Gift Voucher form is just as simple and easy to configure. It's just a few clicks, embed the code on your website, and it's ready to go. You can be up and running in less than an hour.

Through incentives and strategic touches website visitors become your first-time church visitors.

How it Works

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Configure Gift Voucher Email

Configure your Gift Voucher email with your church logo, service times, location and contact information, and a description of the gift you are offering for a first-time visit. You may also include your current sermon series information - optional but highly recommended. Configuration should take no more than 10 minutes. To view an example fill out the Gift Voucher Form at the top of this page.

Embed Gift Voucher Form

After configuration is completed, you'll embed a couple of lines of code that will display the Gift Voucher form on your website pages and activate the On-Exit Popup form. We suggest adding the Gift Voucher form to your 'I'm New' visitor page.

Website Visitor Fills Out Form

A website visitor visiting your website will fill out the Gift Voucher form by entering their name and email address.

WebToChurch Sends Gift Voucher Email

WebToChurch will automatically send your configured Gift Voucher email to your website visitor's inbox. Now the potential first-time visitor has all your church information needed for their first visit, and we have their contact information to implement our strategic communications with them.

WebToChurch Sends Strategic Communications

WebToChuch sends strategic communications to your website visitors until they redeem their gift voucher. Our multi-layer approach will gently remind your potential visitors to redeem their gift vouchers by visiting your church for the first time. WebToChurch will stay connected with your visitors for up to 12 months.

Website Visitor's First Visit with Face to Face Engagement

Website Visitors print out the Gift Voucher email and exchanges it for the gift promised at your existing guess center. We'll encourage the visitor to arrive early and redeem their gift before the service begins. Meeting your visitor before the service will help them to relax and gives you the opportunity to be a great host and assist with specific ministry needs.

Redeemed Code

After your services are over, you'll sign in to your personal dashboard on, enter the visitor's gift code and mark the gift voucher as redeemed. You can also enter notes about that visitor for future reference and export visitor information data.

WebToChurch Sends Follow-Up Email

WebToChurch sends the new 'church visitor' a follow-up email. This email will thank the visitor for attending your church and asks them to provided feedback about their first visit. The feedback form will also take any prayer requests they may have, asks if they would like a call from one of your pastors and if your church could have their permission to stay in contact with them. This information is funneled back to your private dashboard. And of course - invites them back to church.


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The First-Time Gift

The first key strategy of WebToChurch is capturing your website visitor's contact information by offering an incentive, a gift for someone to come and visit your church for the first time. To choose this type of gift we have to know its purpose. In this post we'll explore the purposes behind the first-time gift.

The Visitor Center Strategy

WebToChurch will lead your visitors to your visitor center for a face to face interaction with one of your key members. You only get one chance to make a good impression, what's your strategy for setting that impression? Inside this post, I will show you how I approach my first-time interaction with a visitor and my thoughts on the Visitor Center Strategy.

I'm New

I'm New - the most important page for your website visitors. Have you ever wondered what information is needed on this page that will help your visitor feel confident and well informed for their first visit? This post will show you the key items of information that should be on every I'm New page including our WebToChurch Gift Voucher.